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Money Makers: Great Business Men Who Made A Lot of Fortune

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Any financial undertaking is going to be hard and you’re going to have to put in extra work that you couldn’t have predicted. That’s where the passionate man has an edge. When you’re working on your passion, you don’t mind the extra work. In fact, if you’re really on the right track, it won’t seem like work at all. That’s what makes the men in this master piece such a success.
Remember; you are your No. 1 asset, so it pays to know yourself inside and out. Let Find out How Great and successful business men such as… Henry Ford E.M. Statler James J. Hill John Wanamaker William Wrigley, Jr. George S. Parker Thomas A. Edison George Eastman Cyrus H.K..Curtis Henry L. Doherty Frank W. Woolworth Edwin C. Barnes …Made their fortune in this book "Money Makers:
Great Business Men Who Made A Lot Of Fortune. Bio, Early Life, Career, Type Of Business". Enjoy!
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