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Money should be the easiest questions to answer in economics; after all, money is the one thing that we all use in an economy—surely we know what it is, and where it comes from right?Money is primarily a medium of exchange or means of exchange. It is...
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Our minds are like computers with empty hard disks that get filled with programs as we grow up. If this hard disk was filled with the right software then positive thinking will become our normal way of thinking and we won't need any effort to learn.P...
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Modern Psychology
Throughout psychology's history, various schools of thought have been formed to explain the human mind and behavior. Understand how personality develops as well as the patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and characteristics that make each individual uni...
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Modern Marketing
Modern concepts of marketing are broad concepts. It means finding out what the consumer needs rather than providing them with what the seller has made. Thus, it is very essential for the seller to know the things which the consumer wants, and how the...
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It’s important to understand that there is a biological reason for negative emotions; they are important to our survival. It would be folly to suggest that anyone ever try to wipe out negative emotions. We need them. But, the right mindset can fire u...
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Millennial Fashion Revolution Litmux Books
Millennial Fashion Revolution
A lot has changed in the fashion world in the last several decades, technology has influenced the entire fashion industry– making all types of fashion more accessible to a large spectrum of consumers.Beginning in the mid-1800s, fashion brands were so...
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Logistics Management
Logistics management plays an important role in operating your supply chain. How efficiently your logistics work will make a huge impact on your entire supply chain. With the correct logistics management in place, you can save time and money while de...
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Life Hacks - Business, Mind & Health
Traits Of Successful PeopleThe old saying that "Rome was not built in a day" applies here. Just because you open a business doesn't mean that you're going to immediately start making money. It takes time to let people know who you are, so stay focuse...
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Information Systems Book Litmux
Information Systems
Data and Information Systems have always been valuable to companies, and it’s long been at the core of good business decision making, but what’s changed over the last few years is the sheer volume of data that’s able to be stored and compiled. With a...
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Informatics is a branch of information engineering. It is the study of the behavior and structure of any system that generates, stores, processes and then presents information; It is simply the science of information.This is the day and age of inform...
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Start Your Own Business
Working for yourself begins with the choice to take a huge leap. Beginning a business includes planning and making key monetary choices. Moreover, it can offer a thrilling and remunerating experience of a life time. But, the question is, where do you...
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Digital Marketing Book
Digital Marketing
Effective digital marketing efforts help communicate what you do, not what you sell. When your brand story engages your audience, you gain their attention and create positive interactions with your brand. In the process, you become top-of-m...
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Digital Economy Books
Digital Economy
Today, more than ever, our daily work can be done on the Internet. The digital economy gives greater scope for you to work from home and have greater flexibility on when and how you work. By leveraging on your talent, you can innovate an idea an...
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Digital Business
Digital businesses can have extremely low startup costs—and for the most part, can be started from home making them perfect for a new entrepreneur without a lot of startup cash.Using your strengths to find business ideas can be an excellent tool for ...
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Computer Science
“That introduction to computer science changed the course of my life,”- Bill Gate Microsoft co-founder.Today, half a century later, Bill Gates still believes that “everyone can benefit from learning the basics of computer science.Learning the basics ...
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