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LITMUX is a specialty digital publishing firm founded in 2014. Our commitment to quality and innovation, has helped inform and educate a global community of entrepreneurs, business professionals and individuals. Working in close collaboration with expert researchers and industry professionals, Litmux disseminates quality content within these core subject areas:

  • Business and Management
  • Finance and Economics
  • Media and Communication
  • Computer Science and Information Technology

We continue to expand and currently have a portfolio of over 40 book titles.

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Our commitment to knowledge, innovation and creativity is matched by our constant quest for excellence. The books, articles and resources we provide are aimed at connecting the dots in the mind of our readers through the in depth research of useful tips, strategies and facts.

Some Reviews

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“This book covers analytics tailored specifically to the retail business and introduced all analytical tools, frameworks, landscape and how analytical advancement impacts all business functions.”

— Toby Hendricks. (Retail Analytics)

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“Fantastic read! This book is a fantastic read and has helped me in my own career and pursuit of writing. I highly recommend!”

— Curt Hinson. (Life Hacks)

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"It was a good read. I would mostly recommend this book for supply chain management students and new leaders in this space. It given a good idea about how SCM is evolving in the now generation. Good read for an overall idea about the new age Supply Chain Management" 

— Pallavi Bal. (Supply Chain Management)

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"Reputation Management: Upgrade Your Reputation" is an outstanding book by most if not all standards. Short yet covers the whole field. Specialized yet reader friendly for beginners. Strategic and long term yet tactical with short term applications. Corporate yet respects individuality. Marketing oriented yet down to earth and human….." 

— Nizar N. Nakfoor. (Reputation Management)

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"Great book! Very good book which touches on all areas of wealth. Well written and very easy to read. I really enjoyed the authors take on investing and all the different ways of how to build wealth. In the end they talk about human wealth and how investing in your employees will give you a massive return. Definitely worth reading."

— Maxwell Holm. (Wealth Creation)

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"Every Woman needs to Read This Book. My title says it all.This Book answers every question you've ever had about wardrobe, what yours needs to be and how to work it"

— Clair King. (21 Fashion Hacks)