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Money: A Gold Mine On How To Make More Money

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Although money can take an extraordinary variety of forms, there are really only two types of money: money that has intrinsic value(i.e gold) and money that does not have intrinsic value(i.e currency).
Gold and silver are the most widely used forms of commodity money. Gold and silver are intrinsic because they could be used as jewelry and for some industrial and medicinal purposes, so they have value apart from their use as money.
What is different about gold and other forms of money is the way they disappear, and why. Because of its natural qualities, it is recommended as a high quality form of money.
As you make profit of your talent and human capital, do not forget to invest wisely. This way your money can also work for you. Real wealth lies in long term investment such as gold and other investment vehicles. 
This Book “Money: Wealth, Investment, Human Capital, Success. A Gold Mine On How To Make More Money” will be of a great help to you. Enjoy!
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